IMT for Apprentices

Today many young workers struggle to attain the education and work experience they need to land a good job with a career path. Many experienced frontline workers are shut off from career opportunities because they do not have the training or credentials required to advance to more specialized, technical occupations. The IMT apprenticeship was designed with these challenges in mind. IMT apprentices are frontline workers in advanced manufacturing settings who earn while they learn. IMT apprentices are preparing to take on professional roles in the advanced manufacturing sector, and they are afforded new opportunities while working and earning a living wage.

How It Works

Apprentices spend much of their day working under the guidance of a journey worker who guides on-the-job-learning in the critical manufacturing work processes and related tasks. In addition, apprentices participate in formal education and assessments that help them to attain valuable MSSC advanced manufacturing certification, which they can use to advance both their education and career. Apprentices participate in regular assessments that provide them with feedback on their learning and performance on the job. Apprentices who embrace this feedback will experience significant learning and personal development and they will also advance in their career.

Benefits for Apprentices

  • IMT apprentices earn a living wage while learning new skills and credentials that will help them succeed in a high-demand career.
  • IMT apprentices learn the core skills required in advanced manufacturing, which enables them to make a valuable contribution at work, while also preparing them for career advancement opportunities in the manufacturing industry.
  • IMT apprenticeships build strong basic and academic skills that they can use to continue their education and pursue a degree.